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Procedural Monitored Alarm System (PMAS)

Warnings in advance of designations and expirations.

  • Checklist and review of the designations and expirations of the day.
  • Weekly: review of the notes maturities and extensions in records.
  • Promptly: Checklist and total review of warrants pending its accomplishment with no distinction of its submission day.
  • Checklist and review of all pending orders pending to withdraw definitively.
  • Quarterly: Check-up of those matters which have been paralysed for more than 3 months for some reason.

Procedural System Forecast (PSF)

  • Preventive procedural audit, with urge by letter or personal management before the Court, in matters that should have reached a procedural milestone in a given period but have not.
  • List and emission of written records,execution and listing of pending official letters of compliance by the dead line of planned resolution.
  • List of exhortations that are after 60 days of submission to the court, and are pending compliance. Or where appropriate,letter of pending that have an appointed dead line for the corresponding formality.
  • List and review of orders that meet certain conditions and have not been released.
  • Issuance of written reminders for petitions to the court which after 30 working days from submission have still not been answered.

LEXNET – Web Service

Our exclusive procedural management application in RivayaProcurador & Asociados® has been validated by the Ministry of Justice for the access to LEXNET’s webservices, which allows us to directly introduce downloads of court resolutions in our procedural platform without the need to enter LEXNET’s webmail.