Our Services

What services do we offer at RIVAYA Procurador & Asociados®??

  • Legal representation of natural and juridical persons towards any public or private body.
  • Legal representation in any jurisdiction.
  • Legal representation despite the type of legal proceedings.
  • Legal accomplishments of warrants, trades and commandments.
  • Settlement and payment management of the tax known as “Impuesto sobre Transmisiones Patrimoniales y Actos Juridicos Documentados” at the Ministry of Economy and the Public Finance of Valencia.
  • Civil and commercial mediation.
  • Procedural Monitored Alarm System (PMAS): Warnings in advance of remarks and expirations.
  • Procedural System Forecast (PSF): Preventive procedural auditor, with impulse through written or personal management towards Court, in matters that should have reached a procedural milestone within a certain period and did not happen.